Coming Up: WSF Thematic Workshop on “Migration, Diversity and Welfare: Knowledges, Gaps and Synergies”, Birmingham, UK, 5-6 December 2017

The last NORFACE WSF Thematic Workshop will take place next month, 5 – 6 December, at University of Birmingham. The workshop is convened by UPWEP Project Leader Jenny Phillimore and TRANSWEL Project Leader Anna Amelina on the topic of “Migration, Diversity and Welfare: Knowledges, Gaps and Synergies”.

The overall aim of this event is to identify synergies between WSF projects that have insight into migration, diversity and welfare in its widest sense. The event will allow WSF project teams from PIs to early career researchers to learn more about each other’s’ findings and to identify future research agendas emerging from the WSF Programme, make plans for future research proposals and to identify possible publication plans that go across the WSF Programme. Opportunities will be afforded to work collectively on the development of future plans.

All participants will participate in a speed networking session in which they will hear about key findings and identify potential collaborators. Project leaders will present their most interesting findings and delegates will present their work in parallel sessions in which they will be matched with others with similar interests. The parallel sessions will address questions of diversity and belonging, welfare and social inclusion, migrants’ access to social security and health, the role of knowledge in accessing welfare, mobility and communication, and transnationality and social citizenship.

UPWEB reconceptualises welfare theory through responding to the question of how all residents living in superdiverse neighbourhoods access healthcare.

TRANSWEL traces the migration of regularly and irregularly employed migrants and their family members, and the transfer of their social security rights between four pairs of countries.