HEALTHDOX Researchers Presented Three Papers on Healthcare Satisfaction and Solidarity at the 24th International Conference of Europeanists

by Tamara Popic (HEALTHDOX)

HEALTHDOX Tamara Popic 20032017
Tamara Popic (author)

This year’s CES conference provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest project developments with some of the Healthdox team members and get a very valuable feedback from the other conference participants on our most recent research findings. We had an excellent opportunity to present our paper (co-authored by T. Popic, S. Schneider and A. Asensio), titled “Portuguese Public Opinion towards Healthcare in the Context of Crisis” in the panel on the individual attitudes towards healthcare. The paper focused on changes in the Portuguese healthcare system in the context of crisis and austerity. It investigated to what extent these changes had impact on public opinion towards healthcare and whether this opinion varied across social groups.

We expected to find changes between the individuals with more stable labor market status, who in the Portuguese context experienced negative changes in their privileges in healthcare access and coverage, and those with less stable labor market position i.e. without these privileges. The results of our empirical analysis confirm this expectation. They showed that individuals with healthcare privileges were significantly more negative in their evaluations of the Portuguese healthcare sector than those without these privileges. The results also show that the two groups were not fully homogenous in their evaluations demonstrating, for example, that those  with the most stable employment status were more negative than workers on part-time and temporary contracts. Our findings suggests that the policymakers should pay attention to the possibility that welfare policies introduced in the context of crisis create new or strengthen existing cleavages among social groups.

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HEALTHDOX researchers at the 24th International Conference of Europeanists on “Sustainability Transformation”, July 12 – 14, Glasgow: Stream on “Solidarity, Satisfaction, and Segmentation. How Program Design and Welfare Regimes Shape Individual Attitudes and Outcomes in the field of Health Care”

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