WSF Researchers at the 24th International Conference of Europeanists on “Sustainability Transformation”, July 12 – 14, Glasgow

Researchers from projects HEALTHDOX and TRANSWEL will be presenting WSF research findings at the 24th International Conference on Europeanists ‘Sustainability Transformation’, July 12 – 14, in Glasgow, Schotland.


Stream 018. Solidarity, Satisfaction, and Segmentation. How Program Design and Welfare Regimes Shape Individual Attitudes and Outcomes in the field of Health Care

12 July, 9:00 to 10:45 AM – University of Glasgow Turnbull Room

Ellen Immergut & Diana Burlacu: Welfare State Institutions and Welfare State Attitudes: Using Privatization to Gain Causal Leverage on the Problem of Attitude Formation

Karen Anderson and Andra Roescu: Satisfaction with the Health Care System in the Netherlands

Tamara Popic, Simone Schneider and Maria Asensio: Portuguese Public Opinion Toward Healthcare in the Context of Crisis


Stream 087. The Emergence of Transnational Social Citizenship: Mobility and Portability of Social Security Rights within the European Union

12 July, 4:00 to 5:45 PM – University of Glasgow WMB – Hugh Fraser Seminar Room 2

Chairs: Anna Amelina, Emma Carmel

Anna Amelina: European Portability of Social Security Rights As a Paradigmatic Example of Transnational Social Citizenship

Emma Carmel: What Is the European Union Anyway? How the Governance of Social Security and Free Movement Can Illuminate Our Understanding of the European Union

Florence Fröhlig: The Dominance of the National in the European Discourses of Portability?

Jana Fingarova: Mobile EU Citizens’ Inequality Experiences: Barriers in Accessing Social Security and the Informal Protection Strategies of Mobile Bulgarians

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About the Conference:

Europe is currently sinking into its deepest morass since the 1960s. Questions about the sustainability of European political economies, social solidarity, party systems, values, and the project of European integration abound. With the British voting to leave the European Union, and powerful political forces in other member states pressing for similar moves, the future of the EU is on the line. Paraphrasing the famous quote from Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s great novel The Leopard, “for things to remain the same, everything must change.” Many argue: if Europe is to reinvigorate its economy, society, politics, and culture, transformations are necessary.

Sustainability, a concept borrowed from and often linked to ecology, refers to the capacity to survive, to remain diverse and productive into the foreseeable future. The conference invites panels and proposals that investigate the sustainability of current European policies, dynamics, and an integrated Europe, as well as proposals that explore ways political actors can promote or damage sustainability. [more on]