HESTIA Team Hosting the Think Tank “Participatory Process for Identifying Policy-relevant Research Questions in Child Protection”

During a session celebrated on May 4 in Groningen, the Netherlands, the researchers of Hestia presented findings from their NORFACE-funded project that are highly relevant for the development of child protection policy.

Think Tank Hestia 1 edit TW
Think Tank Opening: Kees Aarts, Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen

The Think Tank was attended by the Alderman for Youth, Mattias Gijsbertsen, and a group of 12 policy makers from the Municipality of Groningen. The Dean of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen, Kees Aarts, and the Head of Sustainable Society, Sharon Smit, joined the meeting and facilitated the debate. The group discussed the needs of the practice field and the research lines that should be prioritized in the future according to the experiences of policy makers, practitioners and researchers.

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Hans Grietens, Project Leader HESTIA, and Sharon Smit, Head of Sustainable Society at the University of Groningen co-chairing the debate with stakeholders from the municipality of Groningen

The attendees received very positively the idea of a partnership with the team for the development of a multi-disciplinary group based at the University of Groningen for supporting complex decision-making in local child protection services. This event was organized by Hestia team members Hans Grietens, Helen Bouma and Mónica López from the University of Groningen.