Exciting News from WelfSOC Project: First Book Manuscript for “After Austerity” Submitted to Oxford University Press

Peter Taylor-Gooby, Heejung Chung, Benjamin Leruth

Peter Taylor-Gooby and his team around Heejung Chung and Benjamin Leruth have successfully submitted their book manuscript for “After Austerity: The Future of the Welfare State: New Cleavages and Solidarities in Europe” to Oxford University Press, the largest university press in the world. It can be assumed that the book will be published around May or June 2017 unless major revisions follow. This book conceptualises policy responses to the Great Recession across Europe and offers a wide range of empirical chapters written by WelfSOC members and external contributors.

Book Abstract European welfare states are undergoing profound change, driven by globalisation, technical changes and population ageing. More immediately the aftermath of the Great Recession and unprecedented levels of immigration have imposed additional pressures. This book examines welfare state transformations across a representative range of European countries and at the EU level, and considers likely new directions in social policy. It reviews the dominant neo-liberal austerity response and discusses social investment, fightback, welfare chauvinism and protectionism. It argues that the class solidarities and cleavages that shaped the development of welfare states are no longer powerful. Tensions surrounding divisions between old and young, women and men, immigrants and denizens and the winners in a new more competitive world and those who feel left behind are becoming steadily more important. European countries have entered a period of greater political instability and this is reflected in policy directions. Austerity predominates nearly everywhere, but patterns of social investment, protectionism, neo-Keynesian intervention and fightback vary between countries. We identify areas of convergence and difference in European welfare state futures.