New Insights into Work in Progress

One month ago, we published the first individual projects´ working papers on the WSF website. Since then, the WSF research projects have been busy producing four new working papers providing up-to-date insights into their innovative research and into the challenges the welfare state is confornted with in the 21st century.

Europe is currently experiencing an increased influx of immigrants, posing not only administrative challenges for European welfare states, but also potentially undermining the solidarity system they are based on. Anja Neundorf and Charlotte Cavailley from 4Is have examined the relationship between immigration and support for the welfare state using British panel data in the project’s most recent working paper. Similarly, GIWeS project has produced some new findings on welfare state attitudes, focussing on the linkage between income and support for public transfers.

Other 4Is research includes Silvia Avram’s, Mike Brewer’s and Andrea Salvatori’s work on single parenting and labour market policy using quasi-experimental data or Kaisa Kotakorpia’s and Jani-Petri Laamanenby’s insights on income tax filling and tax evasion drawn from their natural experiment.