ESPAnet 2016 Conference: Beyond Sessions and Panels – A Valuable Opportunity to Strengthen the WSF Network

plenum-shoppedThe ESPAnet conference provided an opportunity for a number of WSF researchers to meet and discuss their work. WSF researchers met with the EPSAnet Board at a joint dinner, there were a number of panels devoted to WSF projects, and there was plenty of time to develop cross-project cooperation, especially amongst the younger researchers.

Post-docs and PhD-researchers enjoyed the focused, inspiring, and familiar atmosphere of the ESPAnet meeting and greatly benefitted from being part of the larger WSF-network. They could present and discuss preliminary findings, plan the next empirical steps, benefit from insights into other projects, and socialise. This is what they had to say:

“The 2016 Annual ESPAnet conference was a huge success. It gave us the opportunity of presenting and discussing early findings of our Welfare State Futures: Our Children’s Europe (WelfSOC) project. Conferences such as ESPAnet are fantastic in order to meet new people, discuss future cooperation and catching up with some great colleagues. I very much look forward to the next one!Benjamin Leruth, University of Kent  (WelfSOC)

“As always great time at ESPAnet – very impressed by all the innovative research going on like basic income experiments (Finland and the Netherlands) and WSF-research on corruption in the healthcare system.” Nadine Reibling, Universität Siegen (HiNEWS)

“This was my first ever ESPAnet conference and I was really impressed about how well it was organized. For me it was especially a great opportunity for meeting colleagues from the WelfSOC-project that I have just recently become a part of – and to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the project.” Mathias Herup Nielsen, Aalborg University  (WelfSOC)

plenum-shopped“After the ESS conference, the ESPAnet offered another great opportunity to meet the fellow colleagues from the WSF projects. As the largest European conference on social policy, it also provided an excellent overview of the state of the art in the field and was a great place to exchange ideas and get a valuable feedback on my own work.” Tamara Popic, University of Lisbon (HEALTHDOX)

“As always, I really enjoyed the annual ESPAnet conference. This time, it was not only the perfect occasion to meet friends and colleagues and discuss my work, but also to come together with WelfSOC-project colleagues and push forward our current activities, and to get to know other researchers from the WSF-community.” Katharina Zimmermann, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (WelfSOC)