Young WSF Researchers at 3rd Annual ESS Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland – Voices of the Up-and Coming

by Tamara Popic (HEALTHDOX)

Tamara-Popic_edit-TWThe 3rd annual ESS conference, held in Lausanne from 13 to 15 of July, hosted 170 ESS data users from all around the world. Organized by the European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ESS ERIC) and the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences (FORS), the conference featured an abstract book and a blog, as an occasion for researchers to showcase their work. For the WSF researchers, the ESS conference  provided a great opportunity to meet one another and exchange their research expereinces and ideas. Here are some of their reactions to the conference experience:

 Ave Roots, HEALTHDOX postdoc from University of Tartu, Estonia
“The ESS conference was a great opportunity to meet researchers from similar fields and make contacts with them. It was also great to get feedback and good advice to my own research. It was a great opportunity to meet again other Healthdox people and get to know people from other Norface projects.”

Tamara Popic and Simone Schneider, HEALTHDOX postdocs from the University of Lisbon, Portugal,  and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
“The ESS conference was a great chance to present the first piece of our work on institutions and healthcare attitudes. We also had a great opportunity to meet the other NORFACE researchers from the HiNews and the MIFARE project and exchange our research and project experiences. The conference dinner at the Lausanne Olympic Museum made it feel all more international and team-spirited!”

Troels Hedegaard, MIFARE postdoc from the University of Aalborg, Denmark
“The European Social Survey conference in Lausanne gave us a great opportunity to present the MIFARE project and data from it. Generally we got both  constructive feedback and ideas for a new article, so overall this was a success.”

Verena Seibel, MIFARE postdoc from the University of Konstanz, Germany
“At the ESS conference in Lausanne, my colleague Troels Hedegaard (Post Doc at Aalborg University, Denmark) and I  presented first results of the MIFARE project, regarding migrants’ attitudes towards public childcare. We received very valuable feedback and the overall resonance towards the MIFARE project was very positive!”