“What’s the future of the welfare state?” Welfare State Futures Featured in Horizon Magazine, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Magazine

What’s the future of the welfare state? This question has been taken up by Horizon magazine, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Magazine, in an article covering the research projects FairTax, WSF Norface and HEALTHDOX published last week. The article reports that

“Prof. Immergut is the scientific coordinator of Welfare State Futures, a network of 15 research projects which are looking at the design, delivery and experience of welfare in the 21st century. It is jointly funded by the EU and a network called NORFACE, which consists of funding agencies from no fewer than 15 countries.

The projects explore stresses ranging from austerity and demographics to European integration. Some projects have adopted small discussion groups and directly engaged with citizens and social workers to understand how they cope with social changes.

Others are focusing on the hot topic of migration, engaging with immigrant communities to gauge their sentiment about crossing national borders, and hearing how they are integrated into pension schemes, healthcare services, and unemployment and training schemes.”

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