Streams for the EPSAnet Conference in Rotterdam Have Been Chosen +++ Call for Abstracts Open Until 18 March

Paper Abstracts are now accepted for the 2016 Annual ESPAnet Conference on “Re-inventing the Welfare State? Pathways to Sustainability, Equality and Inclusion in European Welfare States” at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1-3 September 2016, until 18 March 2016, for the following streams:

1. The Crisis of the European Middle Class between Rising Inequalities and Spreading Insecurity: Empirical Evidence
2. Comparative Methodology: the Potential Outcomes Framework in Social Policy Analysis
3. Advances in Active Labour Market Policy Research
4. Making Work Pay: Interrogating a New Welfare State Function
5. Public Attitudes towards the Welfare State in Europe: Reinventing or Reclaiming?
6. The Uses of Social Investments and its Critics
7. Long-term Care, Employment and the Welfare State
8. Relating Social Policy and Social Work
9. Social Innovation and Self-organization in Social Policy
10. Migration and the Welfare State: Challenges for Social Cohesion
11. Pension-systems, Old-age Security and Employment Patterns – Re-defining a Conjunction
12. Libertarien Paternalism, a Lead for the Re-invetnion of the Welfare State
13. Who Benefits most from Family Policies?
14. The Basic Income Imparative: Rethinking Sustainability, Equality and Inclusion in the Light of Social Innovation Across Europe
15. Fiscal and Occupational Welfare in Europe
16. Young People, Welfare Systems and Labour Markets in Crisis: Continuity or Change
17. New Challenges to the Comparative Analysis of Care Policies – Do we Need New Concepts, Typologies and Methods?
18. The Travelling and Translation of Ideas: a Cross-national and Sectorial Approach
19. Health and Health Inequalities: the Role of Welfare State Change

Complete call: