2016 Annual ESPAnet Conference +++ Deadline for Proposals of Stream Convenors +++ 27 November 2015

Over the years, ESPAnet Conferences have had many different streams, some with established continuity. A list for suggested themes for the 2016 Conference is presented below. Proposals for stream titles may differ from the stream themes listed below, but suggestions should bear in mind that topics should appeal to a large number of researchers, allow submissions from different disciplinary backgrounds and countries and that all streams and sessions have to be organised as open streams and sessions (no closed research/interest networks). Stream convenors themselves shall not submit abstracts to their respective stream. Only one abstract submission per researcher is allowed

Suggestions for Stream Themes

  1. EU Social Policy
  2. Globalisation and Social Policy
  3. Environmental Concerns and Social Policy
  4. Comparative Methodology
  5. International Roots of Social Policy
  6. Funding Welfare
  7. Family policy
  8. Gender and Gender Equality
  9. Work and Welfare or employment policy
  10. Migration and Social Policy
  11. Generations and intergeneration relations
  12. Pensions
  13. Health Care
  14. Social Care
  15. Poverty and Social Exclusion
  16. Education and social policy
  17. Open stream

Expression of interest

Individual expressions of interest should fit on one page. They should include:

  • A stream title with an indication which stream theme it is directed at (see above) or whether the suggestion arises outside of the list.
  • A short description of the stream’s theme, including a description of the topics and/or types of papers that would be expected (max 300 words). We encourage descriptions of proposed themes which make explicit links to the topic of the conference and to the overall objectives of ESPAnet (see http://www.espanet.org).
  • Full contact details of the stream convenor/s (with a maximum of two convenors per stream): Name/s, affiliation, postal address, phone number, e-mail.

For further information (e.g. upload form) go to the ESPAnet website.